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Merging Effort

Happenings is now THE magazine that offers a venue for our Youth’s to share their ideas and exhibit their talents. It is also the next progressive step for OurYouth.my in achieving its vision of bridging the link between the Youths and the society at large. Conqueror’s Vision now offers the opportunity for youths to participate in something beneficial for their personal growth by opening up posts of the editorial team to students from various universities and young adults from the general public.

  • To provide a platform for youths to voice their thoughts, exhibit their talents and be acknowledged for it
  • To provide transitional learning/ training grounds for the youths to experience the realities of the working world through their selected roles and assigned tasks in a publication industry
  • To instill and cultivate love for Sarawak by being an active participant in the community services and social networking
  • To contribute to the society by encouraging and promoting creativity
  • To improve youth’s communication skills and their level of confidence


For over a decade the State’s Football Team has been a back-burner and what echos in the stadium have been that of desolation. Today, the Sarawak Stadium is no longer the barren shadow it once was. Regardless of age, race or creed, people of all multitudes fill the concrete aisles are all gathered for one common goal, vie for glory.
The unbeatable win through 20 matches in 2013 Malaysia Premier League, a first domestic trophy in 16 years marked a historical turning point for the game of football in Sarawak. No one saw it coming but it just kept getting better. Under the management of the Sarawak Football Association (FAS) President Datuk Sudarsono Osman, coaching of Robert Alberts, and a line-up of experienced players with competitiveness on the field, it is a new footballing chapter for the Sarawak Crocs.

Our Youth's World

What's going on in the mind and world of the younger generation?

Through the fast changing pace of the world we live in today, how quickly adaptation will have to take place. It makes one wonder if we are fast enough to catch up or have we lost touch with the younger generation in our community? We have decided to launch our issue by putting our youths as the centre of attention by giving them a voice and making them heard. Where they are today is vital to who they become tomorrow as our future leaders.

The participants of the interview are selected randomly from universities and also other public locations. We probe into their world through getting to know how they spend their personal time with what interest them the most; and also the challenges they face, their hopes and aspirations. What we see and hear are talents that deserve opportunities to shine. How do they juggle between their responsibility as a student or an employee while keeping their passion alive? Do we have enough platforms in our societies for them? And what lies ahead for them? We will let you be the judge of it and to get to know these individuals you may walk by at any random day. They could be a pal you'll come across someday, they could be your unknown consumers all these while or they could be the one who will be working with or for you in the near future. Ultimately, they are individuals who could hold the potential to make a difference in our society in the future.

The Science Behind Selfies: Narcissism or Confidence?

George Town and Petaling Jaya dominated the “Top 10 selfiest cities in the world” ranking No.5 and No.10 respectively, revealed a database compiled by TIME magazine. Kuching was also ranked No.6 top selfiest cities in Malaysia.
So what’s the huge craze behind the growing self-pouting trend?

Selfie Tips
So, you want to jump on the selfie bandwagon? Moderation is the key. Next time you selfie, bear these useful tips in mind:
Good Lighting – Take your selfie in a bright-lit room or outdoor because bad lighting or dark room makes you look unflattering!
Check Your Background – Avoid taking selfies in cluttered background. Nobody wants to see your dirty clothes piled up in your messy room.
What’s Your Best Angle – Hold your phone above eye-level. Don’t hold it below your face as you don’t want to reveal those extra layers of fat underneath your neck, and a sneak-peak of your boogers hanging up there! Yikes!
Strike Your Best Pose – Keyword: SMILE. No more infamous “duck face” or Miley’s giant tongue. Keep that tongue where it belongs; your mouth.
Safe selfies – Taking selfies are fun until they land in the wrong hands. Be mindful of what you’re uploading on social networks. Have some selfie respect. Trust me, you don’t want your parents or potential employers looking through your cringe-worthy selfies.
A Right Balance – In this tech-savvy era, almost everyone has social networks now. Instead of uploading your selfies, why not enjoy the sun and have some real fun out there?


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