Volume. 21

This Issue’s Highlight:

Kuching’s Upcoming most Desirable Address

Things are about to change in Kuching city’s business and commercial district. With the completion of iCOM Square, everything looks set to ensure that the city and its surrounding vicinities are well on its way to begin on the right track towards a new era.

 “Our concept for this development is to bring together local and international corporate investors into a conducive environment to contribute towards Sarawak’s growing business sector. Vibrant projects ought to be pumped into the business and commercial district to transform Kuching into a dynamic city”– explained Mr Raymond Sim who is the Managing Director of Nationlink Group of Companies.

A Helping Hand, Changing One Life at a Time

I wanted to make a difference in each country I visited as my friend told me it brought him the greatest satisfaction above anything else. So, with his sound advice, I returned to my hostel, away from the sweltering humidity of the day and sat down in front of the PC and typed into Google: "Volunteering Kuching". SCCS was on top of the search results and so I clicked it. My first ever experience of being a volunteer was about to start. To be honest I was clueless at first and did not know how or what I could do for these children in such a terrifying situation, especially when I do not speak or understand any of the local languages.” Lee Ivan Horscraft, 28 from Brighton, England.

“They slept on cold bare floors, travelled without any shoes, and at times, they only get by with one meal of meagre plain rice in a day. Through kind donations from friends and family, I managed to purchase slippers for all the children and some food during my few months spent with them. The kids were so overjoyed with their first pair of slipper that they even slept hugging it! I must say that through these volunteering experiences, I have truly found myself. Instead of me providing help to the needy, they have in turn helped me to grow and taught me how to be contented with the present.” Jacqueline Chin, 29, from Kuching, Sarawak.

HAPPENINGS Personality:
Up Close and Personal with Dato’ Sheila Majid

“If you are not academically inclined, it does not mean that you cannot be successful. I found my strength and I got my support from my parents, my family and my friends. I am so glad to say that before my father passed away in 1996, he followed me on my tours in Indonesia and Japan so he could see that I was not in it for the wrong reasons. I really like what I do and I work hard at it.” – Dato’ Sheila Majid

Malaysian Jazz Queen, Dato’ Sheila Majid needs no introduction. We had the privilege to interview the artist herself during her tour in Kuching to perform for ‘SMILES In the Park’, a fund raising event for Orang Utans conservation. In the dialogue, we traveled back in time to uncover the progression of her music career; a love for music that started simply with ‘bathroom singing’, now an iconic voice regarded as a nation’s pride. She shares with us what it takes to thrive in the musical scene, her stance as a daughter, a mother and also as a compassionate citizen who is concern on the preservation of our own unique culture and identity.

‘Berjalai’ A Walk of Faith & Abundance
2250 km, 137 days Walking Borneo with the Nomadic Lions

Remember the TRIO heroes David Atthowe, Yusepe Sukmana and Gilang Yaksapurusa who call themselves the Nomadic Lions and travelled 2250 kilometres across Borneo ON FOOT!? Their remarkable journey entitled ‘Walking Borneo’ started in Tawau, Sabah and ended in Kuching, Sarawak earlier this year. We just had to meet these inspiring individuals to share their stories! If you are curious on how they have survived their incredible journey, we got the boys to answer a trivia of their journey to provide you with some exclusive inside scoop!

HAPPENINGS Our Youth’s World:

In line with this issue’s theme of “Aspiring Ventures”, this instalment of Our Youth’s World takes you back in time to the age of innocence where our dreams were candid, our desires were pure and our goals were honest as an open book. Though green and gullible, they are after all gems of which money cannot buy and irreversible simplicity of which time cannot obtain. It begs the question of how far have we wandered away from that initial dream we once had OR how much closer have we come to that vision now? Do we still believe in them today or are they merely a fantasy and magical while it lasted? We examine growing up and how the young adults in our community are faring with realizing their aspirations. Once, again, Our Youth’s World seeks to unveil the sentiments of the younger generation in our society.


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