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EDITOR'S PICK - Culture and Heritage Footsteps

In our previous issue, we have launched the initiative - 'PUBLISHING YOU' making Happenings now a publication 'From the youths and for the youths'. The goal remains to ensure that our community stays in touch with one another regardless of race, age or generation you belong in. Sarawak is the largest State in Malaysia. Within this 125,450 sq/km is the home to over 2.6 million population consisting more than 60 ethnic or sub-ethnic groups. Where do we even begin to unearth such diversity like not other? It is a society like no other with its unique amalgamated culture. With the hope to pass on such significant inheritance of Sarawak to our future generations, our team embarked on a journey to trace and uncover the footsteps of our culture and heritage. Some of which that are already at the core of your upbringing; some of which you may recall from your history lessons in school; some of which you probably never knew; but most of all, they are your community.


Would you have already known your destiny at the age of 7? What was your ambition and how did you spent your after school hours? Does your childhood fascination still defines who you are today? Young Jeremy Lo spent his childhood wandering among the exhibits of ethnographic artifacts 5 days a week in the Sarawak’s State Museum like it was his playground without ever getting weary of his exploration.

“It was the 1990’s, everything I saw inside the museum is imprinted in my head. I remember all the natives’ murals, especially the Orang Ulu Tree of Life that fascinated me the most. And like a plain white piece of paper, I absorbed them all. It is a fascination that can’t really be explained. Anything that has to do with tattoo arouses the curiosity in me. Later I traveled to a lot of longhouses, belonging to various tribes, and it was there I heard many first hand stories from ancestors who are already gone today. That, I will always treasure and they are something that I retain and express through the art of tattoo.”

Meet the boy who spent his after school hours loitering into Borneo’s oldest museum. He has represented Sarawak in numerous International Tattoo Conventions including London, Armsterdam, Japan and many more. He is also the proud owner of Monkey Tattoo Studio whose work have been featured in the ‘Black Book’, and the biggest tattoo magazine in Europe - ‘Tattooweir’. Both locals and foreigners come to him for a unique hand-tapped traditional ink. He know host the annual Traditional Tattoo Expo as an effort to preserve this dying art and to provide opportunities for young tattoo artists.

Are the old ways of life to be kept, adapted or changed for the better?
Get an insight to the mind and voice of our youths by hearing it from them first-hand!

When it comes to us Sarawakians, you really cannot judge a book by its cover because whether it is in a mall, a restaurant, or in a public function, you can only hazard a guess on the race of the person you meet. Among the Chinese lot, we already have a variety of dialects such as Foochow, Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew, Hai Nan and many more. Likewise for the natives, there are Iban, Bidayuh, Kelabits, Melanau, Kayan, Kenyah, Bisayak and the list goes on. It is not uncommon when you have missed that hint of foreign blood such Javanese, Japanese, or even Dutch in your guess. What is it like living in a unique community as such for the young bloods of Sarawak? We pondered upon how far we have come and wondered how much is actually remembered and valued.

We are often faithful to our own kind and may take pride in our families’ roots. But how much do we really know about our culture and heritage?Are we aware of their values or is it simply a mindless pride? In this issue, we uncover the matter in question among young adults who are the generation who decides the fate of our traditions and heritage. As rich as our society is, our findings are bountiful as well!

Director of Ducati Borneo - Dean Kuan shares his childhood dream come true. From riding a Suzuki 90cc cub in a village with his cousins, a young boy who could only dream about riding the sexy Italian designed - Ducati someday to becoming the owner of Borneo’s one and only Ducati’s showroom.

“More than just a bike, it’s a lifestyle. Every type of motorcycle has its own unique identity aside from being just a transport. Every product is designed to represent something and our choice of motorcycle often is a choice that alludes to our personality.”

As an entrepreneur, he has successfully introduced a new brand from USA into Sarawak. Pitster Pro is a high performance fast race motocross bike with one of the most agile chassis. “...the idea of creating a fun and affordable motorcycle for the local market sprung upon me. A motorcycle that could work as a rider training tool, you can ride it to work on a daily basis and also have fun with it during the weekends”

So what did it take to create the perfect prototype that is stable, of high-quality, affordable and legal on the road?

Remember hit TV-reality show - “MasterChef Malaysia Season 1” 2011? We got the chance to get up-close and personal with Imelda who was the Top 6 Finalists in the show; now a co-author of recipe cook book “Secubit Garam Sesudu Gula” 2013; she is also one of the featured celebrity chef in “Chef All Stars” 2014 and the proud owner of a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Our guest of the issue shares her story which quoting from her, is a - ‘story best told through a plate’.

Psst! Imelda also revealed her secret ingredients and her recipe with us!

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