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Transforming Factors with iCube Innovation

Introducing the 1st largest incubator innovation center in Sarawak with 7,300sq.ft of space designed and dedicated to facilitate the creation and growth of young entrepreneurs. The contemporary workspace comes with fully furnished 35 Workstations, 14 Silver Rooms, 3 Gold Rooms, a networking lounge, meeting and seminar rooms; a capacity that could accommodate up to 150 - 200 entrepreneurs. Dedicated business address, conducive working environment equipped with high speed internet, basic office equipment, reception services all in one place at an affordable price are just tip of the iceberg of which iCube Innovation provides. Beyond the infrastructure, it is also part of iCube Innovation’s blueprint to coach and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs with various development programs.

“We are not here to just provide a low cost office space at your comfort, we are here to create successful stories and to produce entrepreneurs. “You focus on your business, we take care of the rest.” – Dato Patrick CJ Liew, Director.

Workplace Olympics: Embracing Diversities & Teamwork

How many people does it take to plan the Olympics? If your answer is over a hundred, you’re right! This does not include the workforce from various industries, ground crews, coaches and athletes! The International Olympic Committee (IOC) hosts members from all over the world, from Austria to Zimbabwe and even our very own nation - Malaysia. It take years preparing for an Olympic game and with so much diversity and pressure, it’s a wonder how they managed not to lose sight of their common goal! A workplace is very much like the Olympics - mankind is diverse in nature with each of us bearing our very own individual differences shaped by our upbringing, experiences, cultures, beliefs and more. Even the smallest establishment has indispensable roles such as: a General Manager, the leader who oversees the entire business operations, an Accountant who calculate profit and loss, a Sales Team to bring in the income. Each of them has their own responsibilities and they are co-dependent. So how do we hold a team together and how do we prevent or counter sabotaging conflicts that are bound to take place along the way? Find out how ‘Success’ is a team sport!

Happenings Personality: Behind the creation of Miao & Wafu Pafu!

Have you met ‘Miao’?The most expressive cat you will ever find, and his amigos, the two hamsters -‘Wafu and Pafu’; together, they are all set to entertain you.Meet young and highly imaginative comic artist - Jian Goh who identifies himself best as: ‘a Sarawakian by birth and by blood’. Upon completing his Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering, Jian compliantly stepped into the field of his study working as a Research and Development optoelectronic engineer for what may have seemed to be the longest four years for someone who has another roaring passion that cannot be subdued. Happenings takes you to the making of an artist who tells his stories best through the animated characters of his creation. As publishers, we know how words can at times be insufficient, this is when graphic or visuals come in to deliver what a thousand words may not be able to. Just as the award winning comic blogger himself wishes to achieve, we are aspired to inspire more young talented artists here in Sarawak too by sharing his experience with you!

Happenings Getaway: Beauty in Blue

Most of us are familiar with the fact that Borneo is the motherland to one of the oldest rain-forest on earth, but did you know that we also have some pretty cool exotic beaches? In this issue’s destinations in Sarawak, we are taking you to the beauty in blue featuring Bungai Beach and Sibuti Coral Reef National Park in Miri, Similajau National Park in Bintulu, Kala Dana Beach, Mukah and Tanjung Dato National Park in Lundu. Enjoy what Mother Nature has bestowed upon us and explore the unscathed beauty in blue within your reach here in Sarawak!

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