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Let a child, be a child!

Why Gadgets can Be Bad for Your Children

“Wah! You got kids already, ah?” That’s probably the typical response from a relative/ friend/ colleague/ unimate when you have not met for them for a period of time. “Yeah, they are a handful to handle”, is what you would reply politely. However, you know the word “handful” is an understatement. That if, you have additional limbs. Amidst the constant puking from the newborn, toddlers wetting the bed, and your older child begging for attention, “Mom, no one wears this kind of dress anymore! I want a new one!” being a parent is probably one of the most enriching life experiences ever.

It is of no wonder that children are called the “bundle of joy”. No matter how troublesome it is to attend their needs, one of the best rewards is seeing them sleeping soundly at night, and giving yourself a pat on the back knowing that you have succeeded in being a parent for a day. Yes, they do destroy your precious china; play with their food; staining their clothes with god knows what. You would rather have a home which resembles a circus gone wild, than an eerily quiet house interrupted by the dings and dongs of handheld gadgets, and a child merely shrugging or not answering when you asked a question, their attention focused on some games on the iPad or iPhone.


Sadly enough, a lot of parents have opted for the latter. It is only too common to see children as young as 2 years old confidently swiping on tablets and phones. And it makes perfect sense, really. There isn’t a need to clean up a mess, the children are not bothering anyone, and parents have some time to themselves. What is wrong with that? Little do they know, that long term negative effects may start creeping from the moment they touch those electronic devices.

LOONEY TUNES LIVE! CLASSROOM CAPERS is coming down to Kuching this year!!
Yeap, you heard it right! The character’s Academy Award© winning antics will be showcased

right at our home from the 21st - 24th of November 2013. Held at the Stadium Perpaduan Negeri Sarawak (Indoor Stadium Petra Jaya), Kuching, the Looney Tunes gang will be making their debut for the 1st Time in Malaysia, and this would actually be the 2nd time it is being premiered in South East Asia! This fact alone should be sufficient enough to clear your schedules to watch this history breaking moment for our country

Get on the bus, yo!

The Charms of Bintang Jaya Express

If only there was an easier way to get a bus ticket.

Thank heavens for Bintang Jaya Express, the option of purchasing a ticket online is finally available. At www.bintangjayaexpress.com, anyone can navigate through this user-friendly website and book their seats on the spot. With just a few clicks, one is able to secure their seats in advance! This means students no longer have to wait in vain in the bus terminal, or scrambling from one operator to the next during peak season. As it is for everyone, time is also very critical for college students as well. With lectures and assignments piling on top of each other, making a trip for the sole purpose of purchasing a bus ticket is rather time consuming, not to mention costly for those who are on a tight budget.

With a network covering the whole of Sarawak, Sabah (Kota Kinabalu and Tawau, thanks to Salam Bumimas which is the sister company of Bintang Jaya Express), and even up to Pontianak, Indonesia, getting a seat on a bus has never been so convenient. More so, Bintang Jaya Express busses depart at regular intervals throughout the day, with a minimum of 10 departures daily. However, the real bonus is the further markdown by 25% whenever a ticket is purchased online. With major banks on board, one have the liberty in making their payment, be it through credit card, debit card or online banking/direct debit.

Urban Mountain Bikers and Trail Runners Gone Nocturnal

Jungle in the city @Le’Park Trails Trek

Often, when people think of mountain biking or trail running, it will be associated with long drives out of the city. Plainly, it was assumed that there wasn’t a place for such activity to be carried out in the city. One would have to preload the car with enough fuel, ensuring there is adequate supply of isotonic drinks, packing protein shakes and meals, before driving off the Kuching City grid into the neighboring trails.

Though some may not mind the drive, but it can be a hassle if these enthusiasts do so every weekend. However, little did we know that there is a sacred sanctuary nestled right in the heart of the city, designed specially for trail addicts;

Introducing “Le’Park Trails Trek”.

Situated right behind Kuching’s Integrated Youth Community Centre aka Le'Park, Civic Centre, this newly completed mountain bike and running trek spans 1.75km in a zig zag fashion across an untouched piece of reserve. One can park their vehicles at the civic centre and do a warm up cycle or jog leading to the entrance of the trek. Though slightly shrouded, it can easily be located as it is right opposite the Mango Tree restaurant, and just adjacent to the abandoned nurse’s quarter.



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